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Hi, I’m Ryan, author of the Tales of the Eternal Stones series.

Welcome to my site and be sure to check out my art page! Also, be sure to check out the latest news, follow me on social media and keep up-to date on everything MAGIC, MONSTERS, and MISFITS!


About Ryan

RYAN CARRIERE had been distracted by the corporate humdrum for over thirteen before his passion for writing and sketching rekindled. He is the creative new author and illustrator of the Tales of the Eternal Stones series. He turns history on its side and weaves together monsters, magic and misfits enabling readers to get lost in his stories.

Mysteries of the past and questions of the future inspire Ryan. He attended three universities studying how people interact with the world around them instilling in him a love for the social construct of people and their environment. He has written several published articles and now book one of a four-part series.

What He Does

Ryan’s process is simple; drawing characters, scenes and worlds helps him to set the stage for his written worlds! Ryan had a sketchbook his whole life and as he scribbled, he thought of new realms and the people to fill it. No matter where his art lead him, it always came back to story and character creation.

Whether it was superheroes, or his own characters, Ryan created and gave purpose to his art. It wasn’t until recently that he put the word to paper and added Yin to his Yang!

Message From Ryan:

Thanks for all your support – it means a lot! Firestone is live ORDER NOW!


Ryan Carriere

August 2019