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Legend of the Dragon Runes is an illustrated fantasy for teens and is a #1 bestselling fantasy series on Amazon! It's the first in the Heroes of Atlantis series, a five book saga telling the tale of an ancient land full of mythical monsters. An action-packed tale of determination, friendship, and overcoming incredible odds. Be sure to listen to the audiobook!



Assassin Rising is a futuristic scifi for young adults, the first in the Assassin Rising series, a multi-book story set in the near-future, war torn, post COVID world. An action-packed, short book, filled with aliens, assassins and cool future tech!

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How to Write Fantasy makes creative writing easy! Do you want to write fiction or short stories but don't know where to start? Never fear, I've got a how to write guide that will help improve your writing, break bad habits and become a #1 bestselling author!

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Devour Books

To become a bestselling fantasy author, you need to read!

And not just read, devour. Learn the ins and outs of your genre. What makes a bestselling novel? And how can you apply those principles to your writing?
Bestselling fantasy requires three things:
  1. All bestselling books have a hero or heroine
  2. They are on a journey and have enemies
  3. And they have something major to overcome

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Research Your Audience and Market

Understand your audience and market, then write to make them want to devour your work!

Writing original is great, but writing what people WANT to read, is king! Remember, this is a business, and if you want to earn money, and a living, you have to ensure there is an audience willing to buy your work.
Understand your market
  1. What is currently selling?
  2. Why is it so successful?
  3. How can you become inspired to create something for that audience?

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Find a Unique Perspective

Didn't I just say not to be original? No, I didn't!

You have many opportunities to be original AND ensure you are catering to your audience. How you worldbuild, and create a magic system, and how you paint your characters are all great ways to be original! Not to mention how you plot the novel.
Be somewhat original...
  1. There are NO original stories
  2. But every story has something original about it...
  3. Find what works for you and capitalize on it!

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