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Who is the God of Fire?

Apparently Jexif, King of the Gnomes knows, and Roeg is on a quest to find him. Hidden in the mystical Gnomish Hills, the gnomes are the key to unlocking the secret of Roeg's magical dragon rune and Ifrit, the fearsome Fire Dragon.

This is no peaceful journey, and Roeg and the twins must trek across the Great Plains in order to find answers. Hopefully, they don't run into any mythical monsters, but as luck will have it, it's the Atlantean army that intercepts them...

After crashing the Seapig, Sephonei scrambles her way to Outpost One, only to find that the Faie, are under the strict control of the Atlantean army - to the point of outright slavery. Sephonei's first impression isn't a good one, and slowly, she is realizing the price the Mainlanders pay for their freedom.

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An Explosive Scifi Thriller

First contact didn't go as planned...

Now, Aero and the Assassin Academy are at the mercy of their alien hosts who are creating a super race of genetically engineered humans, and Aero is the first in the Academy to recieve the super cool alien tech. Now, with unlimited access to the Alien Gene, what could go wrong?

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Survive the Sky Wars or die trying. 

Aero wakes up in 2044 at the peak of the Sky Wars. He can't remember who he is or where he came from. He has no family, no friends, no place in the world... To his surprise, the factions in District Two are all fighting for power, what little they have, and he is in the center of it all.

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What is in store for Aero in book 3?


An Epic Fantasy Adventure

Discover the secret history of Atlantis... 

A tale as old as time, in the land of gods and monsters, before the heroes of Olympus and Greek mythology, a disabled hero brings a greedy kingdom to its knees.

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Coming soon...