5 Ways My Art Helps Me Write Bestselling Books

Art, Character Design, Maps, and Book Cover Design

I do it all! Plus, if you need help to launch your book on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing, I can help you find profitable keywords, competitive categories and write a killer description that WILL help you sell more books!



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My process is simple. I draw and create concept art, which helps me visualize what I write. It takes more time, but the reward is worth it. When I get Amazon, Goodreads and Reedsy reviews describing how vivid my writing is, I know my art and creative process has paid off!

My career is varied and full of unique experiences. I used to be in the corporate world, but I left to pursue my passion for art and writing. I always loved to draw and make art, but writing only after, and soon I found it was something I couldn't turn off - In 2019 I wrote my breakout series, Heroes of Atlantis, which soon became a #1 Amazon bestselling series! It is a high fantasy, prehistoric saga mashing together dragons, mythical creatures, magic and mayhem!

Because I wanted to do it all, I soon realized that Amazon is a search engine, and no matter how good your book is, if you didn't have the right keywords, pick the right categories, and have a stellar book cover, your book would quickly get lost in the shuffle. I found a paid for Amazon keyword tool I use with my unique research methods to carve out a niche for myself that I now offer as a Fiverr Freelance Service.

If you're struggling with getting noticed and selling books on Amazon, take control of your self-publishing journey and contact me for one-on-one coaching, amazon keyword tools, or book cover design. You won't be disappointed!


  1. Using my Amazon Keyword Tool I will find you profitable keywords
  2. I will do market research and find competitive categories so you can sell more books
  3. I will write you a killer description, hooking your audience
  4. I will give you an easy to follow book launch marketing strategy
  5. I will design a professional book cover that will draw the reader in