1. Why did you write your first novel – A Tale of the Eternal Stones?
      • I had dabbled in writing for the last five years. My job kept getting in the way so I asked myself one question – What did I want to do with rest of my life? I quit my job, hunkered down and created a world!
  2. When did you realize you wanted to become an author?
      • I’ve always been able to tell tall tales! Now I get paid to do it!
  3. What inspires your writing?
      • My curiosity. Life. Death. The past. The future. How light hits things. The shape of things. My doodles!
  4. How did you learn about writing?
      • Like most things in my life, I am self taught. I learn by doing.
  5. What is your creative process?
      • It flows. I write. I draw. I think. Then I re-do most of it two or three times until it’s right.