Read How Ryan Carriere Reinvisions Greek Mythology!

Riordan Meets Tolkien in Ryan Carriere’s New Release, Heroes of Atlantis! This is the stuff of legends! If you are like me and love everything from Rick Riordan, then you don’t want to miss this epic adventure from author Ryan Carriere. Set in an alternate prehistory, Carriere delivers something unique while teasing the senses of […]

Ryan Carriere Releases New SciFi thriller!

Wow! I don’t know what else to say about today’s author interview and his book, “Assassin Rising: 2044 The Alien Gene Project,” by Ryan Carriere. This book has all the makings for the perfect SciFi movie and I have no doubt it will become a bestseller. So, sit back, and get to know Ryan Carriere and his new book.


Describe the plot of your new book, “A Tale of the Eternal Stones: Firestone,” in a few sentences.
The story is set in prehistory, 12,000 years ago when the world as we know it was not always so tame. The land was filled with mystic creatures, an advanced civilization, ancient clans and magical eternal stones that connected it all.

Two very different groups race for a hidden eternal stone, one led by a mystic vision and the other by blood magic. Unaware of the others’ existence: when will their stories intertwine?