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Writing is difficult despite what anyone tells you! When I tell people I am a writer, they look at me sideways and more than likely think to themselves – lucky bugger! He gets to sit home all day and play… or well, if I stayed home all day I would have time to relax, maybe take a nap and could get all the house chores done!

Well, let me be frank with you – none of that is true! Writing is hard, long work and is taxing on the mind and body. Writing is frustrating, takes ten times longer than you think, then when you think you’ve written that piece enough you give it to an editor, a beta reader or a proofreader and they rip it to shreds (not literally I hope!) and it’s all in a days work.

Because it is so hard and has little to do with divine inspiration, here are my 3 tips for success!

1. Take care of yourself! Too many late nights and eating crap when you remember that you are a living being who needs sustenance won’t cut it for long. Remember to eat and make it something green once in a while.

2. Stick to a schedule. Whatever works for you. If you are a night owl and can sleep in, then write at night. If you wake up earlier than the sun and that is when you find you are most productive then use that time. But remember to pace yourself and take breaks! Most writers I know have a ritual they perform before they write; whether they check social media, have a piece of burnt toast or whatever. Do what you need to so you can concentrate on writing.

3. Write, write then write more! Unless you are some kind of savant or have been writing for a long time, your writing could probably use some exercise. I heard a famous author once say that your writing isn’t good until you have written at least a million words!

Stay true, be healthy and keep writing!

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