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Top 3 Tips To Become A Bestselling Fantasy Author

Hi, I'm Ryan, and I want to help you become a bestselling fantasy author!

I'm a bestselling fantasy author, and my series, Heroes of Atlantis, is a bestselling Amazon series!

Here are my top 3 tips to become a bestselling fantasy author!


  1. To become a bestselling fantasy author, you need to read!And not just read, devour. Learn the ins and outs of your genre. What makes a bestselling novel? And how can you apply those principles to your writing? All bestselling novels have several things in common: they have a hero or heroine, they all have enemies and they all have something major to overcome. And not only that, most bestselling novels are easy to read. The narrative rarely gets in the way and is simple and efficient.
  2. Understand your audience and market, then write to make them want to devour your work!Writing original is great, but writing what people WANT to read, is king! Remember, this is a business, and if you want to earn money, and a living, you have to ensure there is an audience willing to buy your work. What is currently selling and why? And how can you inspire yourself to follow suit? Just don't follow too closely!
  3. Didn't I just say not to be original? No, I didn't!You have many opportunities to be original AND ensure you are catering to your audience. How you worldbuild, and create a magic system, and how you paint your characters are all great ways to be original! Not to mention how you plot the novel. There are no original stories, but there are a ton of original components to stories. Everyone has heard of the heroes' journey, but every journey has different events, characters, and so on. Find what works for you and capitalize on it!

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