How to sell more books on Amazon kindle!

How to sell more books on Amazon kindle

Are you struggling to sell more books on Amazon Kindle?

Look no further, Ryan Carriere offers book editing, cover design, keyword research for Amazon and coaching! You will sell more books!

First let me start by saying ‘we all have bad habits’ and my job here is to point them out and hopefully give you some advice on how to break them. I can help you with book editing, cover design, keyword research and even coaching! I will help you sell more books!

I should know, because when I started writing, I had some pretty bad writing habits, and that didn't help me sell.

I went from no writing experience to developing a four book fantasy series without a writing plan or any experience writing. I stayed up way too late writing, didn’t move around enough, overworked myself to the point of exhaustion, and overall had little to no balance in my life as I taught myself how to write. Don't do that to yourself, get help fast! I can help you get there quicker.

After publishing the first two books in the series, and although they both received multiple five-star reviews, I wasn’t happy with the overall quality of the product. By the time I finished writing the second book in that series, my writing had improved immensely, to the point really, where, when I read the first bit of my debut novel, I cringed at every page.

So, me being me; I pulled them from the shelves and instead of doing an edit or an overhaul; I re-wrote the entire series! Don't do that, let me help you publish on Amazon quicker, easier and make more money doing it!

Here are my author services to help you publish on Amazon:

BOOK EDITING - sell more books

I will proofread and content edit your book identifying:

  • Theme gaps
  • Plot holes
  • Inconsistencies

I will fill plot holes, increasing stakes, and explore how to improve your story!

COVER DESIGN - sell more books

I will design you an award-winning cover for your book!

  • Let me know what your book is about
  • What genre and age of readers are you aiming for?
  • Do you have any 'special requests'.
Once I have all that, I can start creating a cover that will sell your book!

KEYWORD RESEARCH FOR KDP - sell more books

Do you want to SELL on amazon? Then you need to use the RIGHT KEYWORDS! Don't leave it to chance-let me help you!

  • I  find the RIGHT, PROFITABLE keywords
  • I have years of experience and am a bestselling author
  • I want to help you reach your goals!

COACH YOU TO SELF-PUBLISH - sell more books

I will help you self publish your book to amazon providing you with either a 'cheat sheet', one-on-one support or doing it for you!

  • Cover design
  • Title and Subtitle (keyword focused)
  • 7 Amazon Keywords
  • Blurb & Categories

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