Creative Writing Made Easy!

Creative Writing Made Easy!

Improve your creative fiction writingBreak bad writing habits. Plus daily writing tips!

Do you want to write a fiction novel but don't know where to start?

Never fear, I have a step-by-step guide that will improve your writing skills and help you become the best fantasy fiction writer you can be!

Learn how to:

  •       Break bad writing habits
  •       Improve the four steps of storytelling
  •       Invigorate your creative writing skills
  •       Amplify the elements of a good fantasy story

It's time to write that fantasy book!

Take a peek at my step-by-by step creative writing guide!

First let me start by saying ‘we all have bad habits’ and my job here is to point them out and hopefully give you some advice on how to break them.

I should know, because when I started writing, I had some pretty bad writing habits! I went from no writing experience to developing a four book fantasy series without a writing plan or any experience writing in general. I stayed up way too late writing, didn’t move around enough, overworked myself to the point of exhaustion, and overall had little to no balance in my life as I taught myself how to write.

Needless to say, after publishing the first two books in the series, and although they both received multiple five-star reviews, I wasn’t happy with the overall quality of the product. By the time I finished writing the second book in that series, my writing had improved immensely, to the point really, whereas I read the first bit of my debut novel: I cringed at every page. So, me being me; I pulled them from the shelves and instead of doing an edit or an overhaul; I re-wrote the entire series! The first book comes out late 2020–look for the Legend series, a prehistoric epic fantasy. There, I threw in a plug, and hopefully only throw in a couple more! Okay, that is enough about my bad habits. Here is a list of bad habits, and my recommendations on how to break them.

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Bad Writing Habits and How to Break Them
  • BAD HABIT #1: Not having a writing plan
  • BAD HABIT #2: Not sticking to your writing plan
  • BAD HABIT #3: Feeding procrastination
  • BAD HABIT #4: Ineffective self-criticism
  • BAD HABIT #5: Not balancing other needs and isolation
Four Steps of Storytelling
  1. Find a ‘Key’ Emotion
  2. Hook Your Audience
  3. Don’t Forget The Middle
  4. Write a Strong Ending
How to Write Well
  1. Develop Your Protagonist
  2. Create Suspense and Drama
  3. Show, Don’t Tell
  4. Write Interesting Dialogue
  5. Write About Death
  6. Edit Yourself First
Amplify the Elements of a Fantasy Story
  1. Develop a unique but understandable supernatural system
  2. Create a well-developed setting
  3. Design complex characters
  4. What is the central conflict?
  5. An established power structure

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