What does Elon Musk, cage fighting and aliens have to do with one another?

Assassin Rising inspired by Elon Musk's Neuralink

Elon Musk, the eccentric billionaire, showcased Neuralink to the world to highlight the possibilities of connecting brain and computer.

So what does this have to do with Assassin Rising? Everything!

Assassin Rising, the new scifi release from author Ryan Carriere is sure to please an enormous fan base! It has it all: action, intrigue, future alien tech and its all wrapped up in a short and sweet, thrill a minute rollercoaster ride of fun!

Ryan Carriere has developed a near future world, exploring the idea of creating a superhuman race of genetically engineered assassins: And they use an alien Neuralink technology.

Within this dystopian world is a bloodsport not unlike the UFC of today, where combatants maul each other to show dominance, but the difference is that in Assassin Rising, the superhuman powers and technology up the ante to each deathmatch!

Here is the synopsis of book 1: The Alien Gene

Earth is at war, and there is a New World Order... And it's Alien.

The new hosts are creating a super race of genetically engineered humans, and Aero is the first in the Assassin Academy to recieve the upgrades. Now, with unlimited access to the Alien Gene, what could go wrong?

A normal day for Aero is decoding hidden Z-drops, infiltrating enemy territory and unleashing his overpowered and super cool alien gadgets!

Everything is great until it's not.

Then his life spirals out of control and Aero finds himself in a web of lies, deceit and espionage.

In order for him to survive, he must unravel who killed the Prime Assassin, decrypt the messages from the Z-Anons, and protect the woman he loves.

The only glitch is that Aero seems to always be one step behind.

This near future scifi is an instant teacher's pick for highschool and a great read for all ages!


Book 2: Twilight of Shadows

Survive the Sky Wars or go to die trying.

Aero wakes up in 2044 at the peak of the Sky Wars. He can't remember who he is or where he came from. He has no family, no friends, no place in the world…nothing to lose. To his surprise, the factions in District Two are all fighting for power, what little they have, and he is in the center of it all.

Drafted into the Assassins Academy, Aero discovers there’s one thing he’s even better at than being a teenager without his memory, and that’s killing the enemy.  Wrapped in a superpowered Assassin garb, Aero finds purpose amidst the horror and destruction of the Sky Wars, and the opportunity for a new sort of friends and family… if he can break the defences of the Assassin garb.

And if he can survive the onslaught of the Russian Alliance claiming a New World Order...

This near future scifi is an instant teacher's pick for highschool and a great read for all ages!

If you love scifi fiction, you'll love Assassin Rising! Check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08HSGXNDW

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